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Professional Pet Dentistry Services in Mount Hope

Everyone knows that good dental health is essential for health and quality of life. Dental health is just as important for pets as it is for humans, and since they cannot take care of themselves it is all the more important to get a dental assessment along with your regular pet check-ups.


At Topsail Road Vet Clinic we provide professional pet dentistry services for Mount Hope and the greater St. John’s area. Our professionals are experienced in all forms of veterinary dental services, including scaling, polishing, and the prevention and treatment of oral disease.

We provide the following veterinary dental services:

Dental exams

Dental scaling


Digital dental X-rays

Dental Care at Home

Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to oral disease which in turn can cause much more serious problems such as heart, kidney, and lung disease. Many pet owners brush their pets’ teeth regularly to avoid buildup. You can also buy special food which promotes dental health.

The best way to keep your pets’ teeth clean is to make an appointment with our qualified veterinary dental professionals.

Check-Ups, Vaccinations, and Microchips

Get your pet checked annually to prevent health problems.

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