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Yearly Pet Check-Ups for Mount Hope’s Furry Friends

At Topsail Road Vet Clinic we provide regular pet check-ups for residents of Mount Hope and the greater St. John’s area. We also make sure that every pet that comes to our clinic is up-to-date with their vaccinations. During your pet’s check-up the veterinarian will ask you if you’ve noticed any problems or unusual behaviour in your pet, such as loss of appetite. We will then inspect your pet’s eyes, ears, lungs, and heart for symptoms of infection or disease, as well as performing a dental exam and bloodwork.

The Importance Of Regular Check-Ups

To ensure the health and long life of your animal companion it is crucial that you make sure to have regular check-ups, at least once a year. No matter how well you are looking after your pet, it is very common for dogs, cats, and other domestic animals to get parasites like worms, develop oral disease, or encounter other health issues that require diagnosis and treatment from a qualified veterinary professional. Yearly check-ups allow us to detect problems before they become worse and avoid preventable problems like dental issues and worms.

To schedule your check-up, contact us today!

Microchip Implants

Microchipping is an effective and increasingly common way to make sure that indoor pets find their way home should they manage to escape. Microchip implantation is almost completely painless and has proven to be safe and without adverse reactions in dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. Microchips are approximately ½ inch long by 2 millimetres thick. Once the microchip has been installed the animal can be identified easily with a radio-frequency identification device, and returned safely to its owner.

If you have more questions about microchipping, contact us today!



We provide special prescription pet food for a range of issues.


Get in touch with us and we’ll schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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